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365 Lead Management CRM.
Easy Setup. Fast Adoption.

A powerful lead management CRM to control your entire customer journey. We enable you to track your leads from click to conversion using our 365 Lead Management CRM. We allow you to track leads from a range of sources, track the touchpoints they experience, and identify which leads to prioritise and engage with.

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What is 365 Lead Management CRM?

As per the business, the first priority is always customers. Managing information about them, all the leads from all sources and all details related to business flow used to be easy and handy. you need to get complete visibility into sales and marketing leads in an organized manner. As you grow more and more, more leads generated, more deals and relationships will be build. For that, more spreadsheets, sticky notes and word documents need to be properly managed, right? But that just aren’t work out for the task. You need to have a 365 Lead Management CRM platform in place if you want to make the most of prospects who are interested in your product or service. 365 Lead management CRM platform is a systematic process in which all the opportunuties of your business are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured by time to time, so that they can be converted into progressive business.

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Events & Follow-Ups

Set up tasks to monitor things like 'to-dos' or 'follow-ups', delegate them to your team members, schedule meetings in a single click, keep a record of meeting notes or phone calls by lead or CRM account to stay on track. Tasks and events are linked to the opportunity’s page so that their information is always just a click away.

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Challenges with Lack of Lead Management CRM


Lack of lead details

because of sales and marketing teams cannot view customers as a total of their touchpoints, Customers often have poor experiences and that reflect some of bad business.


Difficult to convert leads

Due to lack of proper follow ups and timely tasks, Your sales and marketing teams miss follow-ups, send delayed responses to queries, and test customers' patience.

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Lack of lead nurturing

Your team does not understand the prospects' requirements and hence are unable to communicate on time and build lasting relationships.


Duplicate leads

Your CRM or spreadsheet is filled with duplicate lead entries, which might result in essential leads slipping through the cracks.

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Manual lead qualification

Your team doesn't have a process or methodology to qualify/disqualify by priority based leads, thereby losing productivity.


No insight into lead’s activities

If there isn't any proper tracking of leads or customers, effects long term business grow.

Invoices through CRM

Invoices Through CRM

365 Lead Management CRM for small businesses allows you to instantly create and manage professional invoices. Customer data from the 365 Lead Management CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice once you select the appropriate contact or opportunity. Automate and enhance invoicing processes while creating strong relationships with clients!

365 Lead Management CRM Features

App Features

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Enrichment
  • Lead distribution to staff
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Customers
  • Tasks
  • Personalization
  • Common Templates
  • Additionals
  • Platforms
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Streamline Your Sales Process with 365 Lead Management CRM

Capture Leads

Capture and add leads easily across all channels including your own business profile on 365 Lead Management CRM.

Lead Capture Form

A fully customisable form that can be embedded into your website to capture leads directly.

Add Custom Fields

Capture more than just emails and phone numbers with unlimited Custom Fields for all your pipelines.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Manage sales pipelines for different products and services. Move leads easily within pipelines.

project management
Manage Unlimited Stages

Customize lead stages according to different pipelines and manage them to never miss out on a follow-up.

Label Every Lead

Label and tag every lead by source, personas, business type and more for one-click filters and reports.

Send Emails/WhatsApp

Send and manage all communication to your leads via Email, chat or WhatsApp from within 365 Lead Management CRM.

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Intelligent Insights & Reports

Actionable turnaround time insights and weighted pipeline report to calculate sales and revenue probability.

Multiple Team Members

Add multiple team members, assign leads to sales reps and control their access levels.

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Automate Follow-ups

Make your leads travel faster down the pipeline with personalized messaging and follow-ups.

Leave Internal Notes

Capture every relevant interaction and add relevant context for your team with private internal notes.

Send Quotations/Invoices

With our 365 Lead Management accounting and inventory suite, drive conversions and revenue faster and easier.

Lead capture autopilot

Lead Capture on Autopilot

Sit back and relax while we handle the lead capture for you. Just embed our web forms on your website or share them as a link, and let the leads automatically pour into CRM. You can also integrate your IndiaMART, TradeIndia, Wordpress Website and Facebook leads and distribute leads to your teams based on the status of their self-serve applications. If the application is complete and qualified, transfer directly to the application processing team. It saves your team's time by eliminating redundant follow-ups. You can also automatically assign follow-ups in real-time if a lead drops on a certain page of the application form.

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