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How to Get Leads from a Website to 365 Lead Management CRM

1) How to Generate API Key?

Step: 1 Web setting

Go to Store “Web Setting"
website step1

Web Setting

Step:2 API Key

Click On “API Key”
website step2

Web Setting >> API Key

Step:3 Generate API Key

Click On “Generate” Button
website step3

Web Setting >> API Key >> Generate

Step:4 COPY

Click On “Copy API” Button to Copy API Key
website step4

Web Setting >> API Key >> Generate >> Copy API

2) API Details?

POST https://www.api.365leadmanagement.com/wpaddwebsiteleads


Your API Key

Content – Type

Application / JSON

Body (JSON)
customerName: New Lead from Web Site
customerEmail: Email
customerMobile: Mobile number
customerComment: Comment
Label: Your Label
Required Fields: -
  • customerName
  • customerMobile
  • web_api_key

Note: cutsomerMobile in country code include. Like, 919876543210

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